Caravane Earth


The Caravane Majlis exhibition is a celebration of solidarity in the 21 century. Farmers, shepherds, foresters, weavers, tailors, cabinetmakers, architects, engineers and artists; members of government institutions, corporate leaders, musicians and poets, scientists, cultural figures and children engage in answering the same question:

How will we live together?

The Majlis exhibition is an investigation into what human beings can do together virtuously, in balance and on Earth today. It is a look into how we can produce common space ethically, and how that space can be filled with meaningful social activity.

Resources, production processes, legacy and purpose become an exploration of tangible and intangible heritage in a global community.

Exhibition Plan

Public Programme

Once a week in the evening hours artists, scientists, architects, philosophers and decision makers gather inside the Majlis with guests to share knowledge and empowerment through narrative, poetry recitation and other wordless forms of storytelling.
Speakers from across the globe address the Biennale theme — How we will live together? — from a variety of perspectives including: architecture, agriculture, craftsmanship, education, policy-making and leadership.
Educators from St. Petersburg’s Studio DA and a Venice based studio of Katia Margolis will be offering a series of workshops where children learn craft skills and imaginative ways of applying them.


Dr Thierry Morel
Simón Vélez
Majlis Architect
Stefana Simić
Majlis Architect
Nina Mohammad-Galbert
Sourcing Partner Africa
Prerna Saraff
Textiles and Interiors
Ahmed Chmiti
Majlis Textile Design and Production
Fahad bin Mohammed Al Attiyah
Vision and Strategy
Galya Bott
Igor Garin
Art Director
Galya Larina
Johnny Cornwell
Stephen Ochsner
Creative Programming
Johnann Bott
Infrastructure and Sustainability
Irini Gonou
Leif-Erik Hannikainen
Project Manager

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